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made ou s male announcer ] l each morning. satisfaction guaranteed dire fiscal cliff, the congression b couldl recession with unemploent reaching 9.1% and erndry taxb8r increases would send srg by an average of 6s at what thel clf means for theheas a book no right there, call "rebounders" . let's start with the fiscal cliff if you]; look month, there has been a fair amount of volatility wi theith the dow dropping signifily after the election on fiscal cliff happen? people are starting to pull money out of stocks and dividend dividends a little les valule. thatee the market continue to go down resolved and could see a plunge if we hit january 1stnto effect. he flip side of that, if washington actually gets i resolve this in a better wthan could have a prett good economy weoupickup in the stock market. if they make a deal that's not expected, i think wwould see an immediate impact. i think we're going to see a deal that comes out of dribs and of a lastg minute thing and al see it coming when it does tend fiz bole, the cbo, ben bernanke who coined the term fiscal cliff. they have predic
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because the fiscal cliff issue won't get resolved any time soon. our congress is in session for only about a week-and-a-half. it's probably going to take all that time for the president and the congress to agree on a deal on the fiscal cliff which we think they will because if they don't, then you have the potential of slipping into recession which is bad for a politician. >> susie: but if there isn't a deal how are investors going to respond? do you think they're just going to stay on the side lines and wait and see? >> well, if there is not a deal then play the movie forward. you get a sharp sell-off in equity. that forces politicians to then come back to the table and to conclude a deal. that's not the way you want to end there. you would rather end a different way. one way or another you end up with a resolution on the fiscal cliff which means the u.s. economy does not dip into recession. we continue to grow profits, grow jobs, grow income. by extension that ought to be pretty good for equity markets. >> susie: one thing that is is worrying a lot of investors right now is there's going
quickly face the challenge of his second term, avoiding this fiscal cliff. in august of 2011 congress passed the budget control act which threatened automatic spending cuts if congress failed to come up with a planned deficit reduction by 2013. these cuts are what we refer to as sequestration. this would mean an across the board cut of between 7% and 10% of all defense and non-defense federal spending irrespective of policy or its impact on everyday people. these cuts would be absolutely devastating to our national and local economies. our -- show that sequestration will reduce federal funding direct to san francisco by at least 26.5 million dollars a year, every single year. we would see over $5 million of cut to education, and almost $3 million of cuts from public housing. san francisco's allocation of medicare would be cut by $2 million. funding for the wic workforce program would lose almost $5 million. there would be a $1 million cut to housing services for people with hiv and aids and more than $1 million cut to the community development block grant program. ladies and gentlemen
not reform taxes and avoid the "fiscal cliff" that's scheduled at the end of the year, your tax bill could rise by the thousands. in years past, congress exempted most middle class and low-income families from something called the alternative minimum tax. if they don't renew that exemption, a family with two children making $90,000 a year could owe an extra $3,000 in taxes. >> we are going to see a lot of everyday people get caught. >> reporter: also on the chopping block a tuition credit for parents who have kids in college. in certain brackets if you have two students paying tuition you could lose a $5,000 credit. that's five grand out of your spending money. >> plan for difficult times because the taxes will go up and so what do you do? if you are spending every dollar that you're making right now and your taxes go up, do you go in debt or do you adjust what you're spending? >> reporter: grace lee, cbs 5. >> comings has until the end of the year to solve the probable -- congress has until the end of the year to solve the problems but uncertainty is affecting almost everybody. >> wall st
those fiscal cliff worries were largely put on hold. that's probably why we're seeing those strong gains here. let's take a look at the leaders and laggards. you're seeing dell, advanced micro, hewlett-packard is up 4% on what's been a dismal week for that stock. baxter international is up on reports that it will be buying a swedish medical equipment maker for $4 billion. those are the winners. but look at the losers for today. you're seeing a grab bag of companies, some defensive names like exelon, wisconsin energy and southern company in the energy sector. as well as cablevision and genworth which is an insurance name. so roughly pretty big grab bag for laggards today. research in motion getting a big pop today on heavy volume for that stock, up 14% in a sustained rally. that's a big move for r.i.m. we're finally getting a date for the blackberry rollout, january 30th. analysts like that move as well as investors. >> we'll see if that works out. >> blackberry 10 is make or break for this stock. >> our internal market guru here at cnbc tells me that with today's rally, the markets are n
30 we have to worry about. if congress doesn't reform taxes and avoid the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year your tax bill could rise by the thousands. in years past, congress exempted most middle class and low-income families from something called the alternative minimum tax. if they don't renew that exemption, a family with two children making $90,000 a year could owe an extra $3,000 in taxes. >> we are going to see lots and lots of everyday people get caught. >> reporter: also on the chopping block a tuition credit for parents who have kids in college. in certain brackets if you have two students paying tuition, you could lose a $5,000 credit. that's $5,000 out of your spending money. >> plan for difficult times. taxes are going up. so what do you do? if you're spending every dollar you're making now and your taxes go up, do you go in debt? or do you adjust your spending? >> reporter: those are just a few examples of what is at stake here. while congress has until the end of the year to solve some of these problems, the uncertainty is really affecting almost everyone. not know
's looming fiscal cliff take precedence over norquist's anti-tax pledge that many members of congress signed years ago. georgia senator saxby chambliss telling a local tv station, quote: gregg: here now to talk about it, juan williams, a fox news political analyst, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. brad, 258 republicans signed the pledge never to, a, vote for a drop in tax rates or, b, limit deductions. but you know what the speaker of the house said the other day, john boehner, he said he's willing to do the latter. now you just saw what chambliss said. so is the era of grover and his you ubiquitous pledge over? >> no. i think grover deserves a great deal of credit for keeping that pledge to the american people and holding republicans' feet to the fire. gregg: is it over now? >> no. we have a different set of circumstances. perhaps what the democrats should have had is their own grover norquist on spending, and we wouldn't be in the mess we find ourselves in. but here's the reality, gregg.me for the status quo. nothing's changed since two months ago. we hav
and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff will take effect in january unless congress can do something to balance the budget. >>> happening right now workers at walmart stores starting to walk off the job during the big holiday shopping rush. i want to take you to texas just got this in. workers walked off the job right as shoppers were getting ready to go into the store. other protests are planned in walmarts throughout the bay area. employees say they want walmart to pay better wages. while some say they will still shop at al port others say -- walmart others say they will support those workers. >> if they walk out, i'm not going to shop until they settle with them. you can bet that. >> the picketers were planning to protest outside of sam club stores. >>> in sacramento there were very tense moments for shoppers. you can see there the cameras are rolling when one k-mart shopper threatened to stab others were people started shoving to get inside that store. many people said there should have been more security because they did not feel safe. >>> millions of people are out shopping for
, in the politics section of the washington times, it says the farm bill may help congress avert the fiscal cliff. this is written by debbie stabenow -- and the washington post has a piece about public opinion -- frank in fort lauderdale, florida. what are your thoughts on this? caller: the solution is quite simple. if the aisle is the problem, do away with it. do it according to state and broke the wishes of the states. there is one party rule, but that party is the american people as a whole. that's all i have to say. , independent, or norfolk, virginia. caller: a brief statement. if you stand up from behind your desk and if you lean too far to your right, you fall over. if you lean too far to the left, you fall over. the american people are dealing with corporate fascism, the merging of the state and corporations. all the money that is pouring in on every level. it is radical -- whether it is left or right. we need to get to the people's business. and it is the center. that is what i have to say. host: can i get your thoughts on what the washington times writes this morning? caller: in my opin
the house and some big-name retailers speaking out about the fiscal clef. will our do nothing congress listen up? gerri: you heard us talk about this lot, weighing in on e fiscal cliff. until now we hadn't heard much from one large group, in a rare move walmart and walgreen's letting loose on what they think of washington and the fiscal cliff. liz macdonald, what are they saying? liz: walmart is saying their customers don't want to see tax increases. and now cbs, it is unusual for walgreen to wade into this public fight over the fiscal cliff, they have not spoken out before and they are saying essentially our customers are hardworking american families and they do their own budgets. where were you, washington d.c. doing your own budgeting, their confidence has been tested time and again, persistent high unemployment and fragile economic growth and customers want to know d.c. is working on their behalf and walgreen stepping out saying customers need clarity. gerri: every company out there, if there saying anything at all they are saying do something. it breaks down after that. some say
taxes pledge as congress tries to grapple with the looming fiscal cliff. this is republican senator saxby chambliss of georgia. he is saying he might not honor the anti-tax pledge he once made to conservative activist grover norquist. , the head of americans for tax reform. even if it means he gets a primary challenge in 2014. chambliss saying he cares more about the country than about a 20-year-old pledge. the majority of republicans in congress have signed the pledge. so what does it mean for the upcoming battle over the fiscal cliff? let's get it into with monica crowley, julie roginsky, both are fox news contribute us. so, monica, if there is a crack in republican opposition -- i'm sorry, i actually wanted to address this to julie. i'm looking at julie and saying your name. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> we look a lot alike. jon: i know you do, yeah. if there's a crack in republican opposition to new taxes, that's welcome to you as a good democrat? >> well, actually, i want to commend saxby channel writes. it's about time that somebody puts the country before washington, d.c. lob
of tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff will take effect in january unless congress can balance the budget. >>> time now, 7:49. police near seattle say a drunk driver ran over two holiday p shoppers last night at the a wal-mart. one o -- one of those victims was pinned beneath the suv. her injuries so severe she was air lifted to a trauma center. the driver a 71-year-old person was arrested on charges of vehicular assault. police say they did smell alcohol on his breath. >>> the black friday rush also got off to an ugly start in indianapolis. there was an angry rant and security was called in after an angry rant inside a kmart store last night. they were handed out $200 vouchers for plasma tvs and some of the shoppers began selling their vouchers to other people who did not wait in line. >> everybody started going crazy about it and cops got called in and it was a mad house. >> police did show up there and escorted the woman out of the store, but she was not arrested. >>> there's a way if you want to watch the world series champion san francisco giants that you can d
in the next couple of weeks, but the fiscal cliff is out there. the fiscal cliff for the consumer is the worst thing that has happened since paris hilton released her debut music album, and there is not a lot of hope for congress to resolve anything. >> but consumer confidence is at a file year high so it must translate into opening of the wallets? >>guest: that is a fair point but if you look at the most recent consumer sentiment survey, you talk about future expectations, they are lower when than the last few months, and the lower expectations are because of the fiscal cliff and because of the uncertainty that, althoughs in 2013. >> were you out there today? >>guest: i was. i was spending money trying to keep the economy going. also, buying all deals. i was not trading up to the high priced stuff. not yet. >> out are to have fun. thank you. so, another republican dixing a no tax hike pledge. does that mean tax hikes are coming? with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this frid
in this lame-duck session. the fiscal cliff is not resolved, i don't think it's going to be resolved during the lame-duck session. asia seems to have economic slowing problems, and maybe a little saber rattling - the same for the mideast. it's really kind of a dangerous time in the market, and this is a fund that is unusually low- volatility, low beta fund, so it's a place where you can get some relative safety. > > eric singer. thanks for joining us today. > > thank you. we are out of time for today. check back in with us every weekday morning, and you can also find us on facebook and twitter. from all of us at first business, thank you for watching. >>> the black friday frenzy under way already here in san francisco. hundreds of people waiting in line outside one store here. we'll tell you what kind of deals got so many people up early. >>> and a firefighter injured and more than a dozen people without homes. possible cause of a big apartment fire in san jose. >>> a fun night at a san rafael nightclub turns violent. the investigation into the midnight shooting. it's all ahead. >>> good mo
? >> yeah. they'll mess around for as long as they possibly can and possibly pass a fiscal cliff relief bill or something lining those lines at the final hour. >> do you think it goes on, that it's a long term solution? my personal solution is they find a band-aid that may give us the qe-3 type relief. >> but the question is what your long-term outlook is. if you're betting against u.s. growth, betting against -- or betting there will be a huge issues in the coming years on these -- on the deficit issue, you may want to keep it off the table. >>> there's a third area there. i don't talk to anybody, steve or our guest, who doesn't think the u.s. can easily ramp up growth. the real discussion i don't think is the true u.s. economy. i thinkist the moguling being throw in front of it, our self-inflected issues, you know, last time around we sequestration. are we going to have sequestration 2? of course we'll put a band-aid, but we need leverage to have reform predicated to surrender on the band-aid. >>> we've got to go, guys. i've got to go with this. we've got to move on. this is the last hour
the holiday break with a major economic problem on their hands. finding a solution to the fiscal cliff requires political leadership. where do we stand with december just around the corner? let's bring in kristen welker and neil irwin, economics editor from the washington post's wonk blog. i love that name. i have to hand it to you. kristen, are you getting a sense of optimism from white house staffers about the future of these negotiations? i mean, how connected do they say the president was to the problem with all the international issues over this past week alone? >> reporter: well, i think that they would like to be optimistic about this problem. certainly president obama has been meeting with congressional leaders. he had them here at the white house last week. they came out and struck this tone of bipartisanship, but they're also cautious in that optimism. you remember the knockdown dragout debt ceiling fight of the summer of 2011. i don't think they think it's going to get that ugly. at the same time this is not going to be easy going as we head to the first of the year. now rep
a lifeline from washington with a message don't push us over the fiscal cliff, charities are facing it on two fronts. many nonprofits receive government funding that could be slashed. and congress could reduce or cap the charitable deduction donors receive. among those worried, the urban institute. >> on the one hand you might say it's the taxpayer who obviously gets the tax break because they get to take a deduction and their taxes are lowered. but the flip side is if that tax deduction induces them or encourages them to give more to charity, you may argue that the ultimate beneficiary of the charitable deduction is not the taxpayer but actually the ultimate recipient of the charitable gift. >> reporter: one proposal supported by president obama would limit the amount the wealthiest americans could writeoff in charitable donations to 28% of their contribution instead of the current 35%. an idea from the simpson bowls presidential commission would get rid of the charitable deduction for most taxpayers and replace it with a 12% flat raet. either would have an impact on major institutions that
with the fiscal cliff. because if they are able -- if republicans in congress and the president are able to get together and actually do something, i think it's a good omen for what's ahead. if they can't, we're in for a touch four years. he'll have a tough time passing his agenda. as americans we should all be rooting for him because we're in this together. there are big hairy problems to tackle. i think it's a good thing what we're hearing right now out of the republican leadership and white house where everyone seems to be holding hands right now singing kumbaya and wanting to get something done. i say we pray for that and see if it actually happens. >> i'm with you. i'm going to drop to my knees right now. third topic. we have to talk about black friday. i wanted to ask both of you, how long do you think it will be until stores open at midnight on christmas day? anna? >> listen, one black friday is enough. black friday followed by turkey thursday and i'm wearing green today in honor of black friday in honor of the money. it's a great moneymaker for the stores. i've got relatives here from c
's intransigence comes from, but nothing's changed. >> they negotiated details this week of the grand fiscal cliff compromise that democrats and republicans hope to reach. lawmakers back in town neex week, and there's a meeting loosely scheduled in the white house against top democrats and republicans in congress with president obama. dagen? dagen: thank you so much, happy thanksgiving, my man. down in washington, d.c., but here in studio with my, monica crowely, author of "what the bleep just happened?" how do they have influence over the white house and represent in terms of the private job market a tiny sliver of employees in the country? >> it really is incredible. we've seen a hemorrhaging away from the many, many past decades. you're right to say their influence is a lot. it's disproportional to the membership. it's less about the union members and those running those union,s union heads. it should be no surprise here. i mean, barack obama's sympathies lie with the unions and their interests. that's always been the case from the time he was a community organizer straight through to the presi
on the fiscal cliff will be undermining the economy. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- "i'm done. i'm out of here." you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪ ♪ >> welcome >>> welcome back. let's get back to our guest host for the last word. you have had a bit of news coming across your blackberry. >> walmart says they had the best black friday ever with the most traffic, stronger than it was last year. the early promotions drove business. i've got around 20 channel checkers around the country from our firm. we see over 200 stores with slower traffic than last year. where the traffic is, where the deals are. >> why put this up before 9:00 in the morning? you haven't been able to measure what's happened. >> we haven't seen a release like this from walmart ever. >> it makes me wonder about the protests that are
cuts at the end of the year, the so-called fiscal cliff, senator saxby chambliss told wmaz, quote, i care more about my country than i do about a 20-year-old pledge. if we do it his way, then we'll continue in debt and i just have a disagreement with him about that. lobbied republican lawmakers, including chamblis not to raise taxes. >>> powerball jackpot keeps climbing and climbing and climbing toward a record. it is now at an eye-popping, jaw dropping $325 million. what would you do with that money? next drawing, by the way, is tomorrow night at 10:59 pm eastern time. >>> actor james spader does a memorable turn in the blockbuster new movie "lincoln," playing w.n. bilbo, try ing ing get the anti-slavery amendment passed through congress. here is a look at the trio, as they meet for the first time with secretary of state william henry steward. >> doesn't come cheap. >> the president would be unhappy to hear you did this. >> would he be unhappy to hear we lose? >> money i managed to raise for this endeavor is only for your fees, food and lodging. >> if that squirrel-infested attic yo
in earnest on the fiscal cliff next week? >> i think a lot of that is predicated upon the beginning of talks. and when you listen to the sherpas, there is clearly an intention of getting something done of consequence. congress knows we're running out of time in order to accomplish a task. and i think they'll get it done. so there is no question a good deal of the bounce we're getting in equities is predicated upon better political environment in washington. let's hope it gets accomplished. you can never be too certain what congress may do, but i think in this instance they intend to do if not the right thing, at least a better thing. >> how will that reflect on treasure irys? it's been hard to sort of -- a hard trade trying to be short of treasuries. and i'm guessing it will be hard even in the future. >> it's been awful to try to be short. every smartful low and woman you you know keeps trying to sell the bond market short and it keeps blowing up in their face. similar to the jgb in japan. proved to be a very unprofitable trade. and there will be a time to sell the u.s. bond market short, b
next, the fiscal cliff. what exactly it is and how scared should we be of it? >> i'm very scared. >> andrew ross sorkin rejoins us to put the fear of god in all of us. >> i love him. >>> plus, "time's" joe kline and dr. nancy snyderman when "morning joe" returns. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. part of a whole new line of tablets from dell. it's changing the conversation. ♪ >>> welcome back to "morning joe." i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. >> it was fantastic. >> yeah? >> i'm still stuffed! you know what i can't believe, though? >> yeah? >> i can't believe jon meacham has such a great family. >> yeah? >> and he would leave them the day after thanksgiving. >> he'll do anything to be on tv. >> wants to sell his book. >> well, no, he's obsessed with book sales. and he sits there on amazon. >> it's unbelievab
friday eve and saturday and sunday. host: could this diminish concerns the market might have over fiscal cliff negotiations? doubtful guest:, i don't see that. there is still a lot of concerns as to what congress and the ministration will be able to do by the end of the year. as much as consumer spending is significant to the economy, the two are on separate plants as how the market used them. host: why is that? guest: the idea of the fiscal clef -- the negotiations behind them -- speak about certainty in the marketplace. the markets need a certain level of that to feel comfortable and perform well. we may see a bit of an uptick in the performance but there is still looming concern of our -- of whether or not there will be an agreement on taxes and government spending. host: we will go to massachusetts, he plans to spend more. caller: good morning ladies, you look attractive and colorful this morning. i will spend a little more because my gran mom -- my granddaughter is about a year old. as a society, i think we are consumer-based. after the financial crash of 2008, i know myself, i cut
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